Utah’s Sports Betting Laws & Ultimate Guide

Utah is surrounded by six states, five of which permit legalized sports betting. That would imply that they take or are considering accepting sports bets, but this is not the case. Utah does not have sports betting, and it does not appear that it will soon.

Is it legal to bet on sports in Utah?

Sports betting is not permitted in Utah. There has been no talk of legalisation in Utah, which does not even have a state lottery. Although daily fantasy sports are available in Utah, if you want to gamble on sports, your best chance is to visit one of Utah’s neighbouring states, barring Idaho.

Is Sports Betting on DraftKings Legal in Utah?

There is no legal method to bet on sports using DraftKings’ sportsbook. DraftKings has no physical sportsbooks in Utah, and the app will not accept bets if you are in the state. In Utah, they offer daily fantasy, as do FanDuel and other daily fantasy apps.

Why is sports betting prohibited in Utah?

The state of Utah is adamantly opposed to gaming. Utah has it put into its criminal code that legalised sports betting through the federal government will not be legalised in Utah, as long as they have the option to keep sports betting out of their state. Horse racing betting is also prohibited, despite an attempt to legalise it in 2019, demonstrating that Utah is serious about not permitting gaming.

When Will Sports Betting in Utah Begin?

There is no momentum or timetable for sports betting in Utah. While forever is a long time, it appears possible that Utah will keep sports betting prohibited indefinitely, unless the state’s beliefs radically evolve.

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