The Ins and Outs of Vermont Sports Betting Laws & Guide

In 2020, Vermont was presented with two sports betting bills. One bill that argued for mobile-only sports betting in Vermont failed to pass the Senate committee. The other was reintroduced after failing in 2019, and while it does not immediately legalise sports betting, it does provide a clear path. That bill was introduced in the House and is now awaiting action.

Is sports betting permitted in Vermont?

No, despite discussions since 2020, Vermont has not yet authorised sports betting within its borders. Multiple legislations have been introduced, and they may soon be subjected to a study to determine how sports betting will be implemented in Vermont. You may, however, play daily fantasy sports on applications like FanDuel and bet on horse racing on apps like TwinSpires. However, no authorized American sportsbooks are currently operating in Vermont.

Is sports betting on DraftKings legal in Vermont?

No, DraftKings is not currently legal for sports betting, but you can use it for daily fantasy sports. Travelling to neighboring New York or New Hampshire is your best choice right now if you want to utilize DraftKings sportsbook legally. It would be astonishing if Vermont legalized online sports betting without DraftKings, but that isn’t an option until sports betting is legal.

New DraftKings players are eligible for a $1,000 deposit bonus.

Why is sports betting prohibited in Vermont?

Vermont sports betting has yet to take off because the state is currently determining the best approach to execute it. They recognize that the lost tax revenue is important, but they have yet to reach an agreement on the specifics and how it would affect the state if it is implemented. There is a chance that online betting will not be legalized, and the Vermont Lottery will regulate everything through retail outlets. There is also the possibility that the state will only go mobile for betting. They’re attempting to determine the best course of action.

When Will Sports Betting in Vermont Begin?

Nobody, not even those discussing the future of sports betting in Vermont, could give a precise timetable for sports betting to begin in Vermont. They’re conducting due diligence on every prospective option, which slows down the process but gives the state confidence when it comes time to make a decision. It may take years, but Vermont is expected to legalise sports betting at some time. Until then, horse races or travelling to another state are the best possibilities.

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