South Carolina Legal Betting in 2023 : Rules & Tips

South Carolina has not signed any agreements to allow online or retail sports betting in the state. They thought about it once, but after it fell through, they didn’t try again.

Is it legal to bet on sports in South Carolina?

No, sports betting is illegal in South Carolina. There appears to be little progress in bringing sports betting to South Carolina. There are no casinos in the state, and horse racing betting is also prohibited. In South Carolina, there aren’t many legal betting options, and sports betting is merely another unlawful gambling option.

Is Sports Betting on DraftKings Legal in South Carolina?

No, DraftKings Sportsbook is not available in South Carolina. Any effort to gamble through the app while in South Carolina would fail, as the state has no physical sportsbooks. If you wish to gamble with DraftKings, the two closest states are Tennessee and Virginia.

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Why is it illegal to bet on sports in South Carolina?

Sports betting is illegal in South Carolina and appears to remain so for the foreseeable future due to a lack of efforts to make it legal. There was a campaign in 2019 that didn’t go very far, and nothing has been proposed since then to bring sports betting to South Carolina. At this rate, it’s difficult to anticipate when another measure to legalize sports betting will be introduced.

When Will Sports Betting in South Carolina Begin?

There is no telling when sports betting will be legalized in South Carolina. An optimist may predict late 2023, but that assumes a revived interest in bringing betting in right away. The state recognizes the large amount of tax income that may be generated but must agree on how and when to introduce betting. South Carolina appears to be on the verge of legalizing sports betting, especially because North Carolina has already done so, and Georgia is attempting to do so as soon as feasible. Losing money to neighboring states should rekindle interest rapidly, especially if they go mobile while North Carolina remains a retail-only state.

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