Legalized Sports Betting in Minnesota 2023 : Tips & Strategie

Minenesota already has a lot of gaming options, with 19 casinos run by 11 distinct Native tribes. This has proven to be a hurdle when it comes to statewide legalizing and implementing sports betting. Finding a solution that benefits both parties is difficult, despite the fact that they are communicating the terms of a contract, which is an improvement.

Is it legal to gamble on sports in Minnesota?

No, you cannot legally wager on sports in Minnesota, not even only in a casino, as is permitted in other states. Horse racing and betting on horse races are permissible, but betting on the Minnesota Vikings is not. A bill was nearly signed in 2022, but a disagreement over two new horse tracks caused the bill to fail.

Is sports betting on DraftKings allowed in Minnesota?

DraftKings isn’t permitted in Minnesota, but under the conditions of the bill that nearly passed, they would’ve been paired with an existing casino and allowed to accept bets through their app. DraftKings will be legal if a comparable agreement is reached. If not, the tribes may oversee all sports betting and prevent companies like DraftKings from operating. Because daily fantasy sports are legal, you can use DraftKings to win money.

New DraftKings players are eligible for a $1,000 deposit bonus.

Why is sports betting prohibited in Minnesota?

For years, policymakers have been looking for methods to legalize sports betting, but competing interests with tribes have made the process difficult. The tribes are concerned that if they do not have legal ties to whatever sports betting measures are legalized, they will lose huge amounts of money through their casinos. The tribes are hesitant to agree to a bill that might harm them, and the Senate is wary of giving them too much control over sports betting. They are, however, communicating, which is a good indication.

When Will Sports Betting in Minnesota Begin?

Because nothing is legalized in Minnesota, it is impossible to determine an exact debut date for sports betting. If we are hopeful, Minnesota might have its state sports betting system operational by late 2023. In reality, 2024 or later should be viewed as a target date for the government and tribes to reach a reasonable middle ground and open it up.

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