Betting on Sports in Idaho : Guide to the Legal Requirements

Idaho is surrounded by states where sports betting is allowed, but it doesn’t mean they’ve followed suit. If you want to gamble on the Boise State Broncos from the comfort of your Idaho couch, you’re out of luck. And, while this may change in the future, it does not appear to be happening anytime soon.

Is it legal to bet on sports in Idaho?

Sports betting is outlawed in Idaho and appears to continue so for the foreseeable future. Idaho has ten tribal casinos and accepts horse racing and horse race betting. If you want to wager on sports through a legal sportsbook, your best choice is to travel to one of Idaho’s neighbouring states where it is permitted. Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming all allow legal sports betting, whereas Utah does not.

Is Sports Betting on DraftKings Legal in Idaho?

No, betting on sports through DraftKings is not legal in Idaho. Daily fantasy sports are also considered gambling in Idaho, therefore utilising DraftKings for that purpose has been forbidden since May 2016.

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Why is sports betting prohibited in Idaho?

Sports betting is illegal in Idaho, owing to the lack of a drive to legalise it, or even consideration of what legalisation would entail. Unlike some of the other jurisdictions that have made sports betting illegal, there doesn’t appear to be any deeper motivations at work with horse race betting lawful.

When Will Sports Betting in Idaho Begin?

There appears to be no plans to introduce sports betting in Idaho anytime soon. Despite having numerous choices, nothing has been offered to legalise sports betting in any way. They may follow in the footsteps of Oregon, Tennessee, or Wisconsin, but have made no movements in that direction.

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